Why Targeting Niche Audiences Leads To E-commerce Success

When it comes to promoting your product, deciding on a specific marketing message is hard. You see all the benefits your product has, and all the different people it could help, so how do you figure out what to prioritise?

The best place to start is refining your audience and creating a niche.

A product for everyone is a product for no one.

It’s scary to pinpoint a precise group of people to target, as you feel the weight of the potential customers you are missing out on. But the truth is, when you try to make something for everyone, you attract nobody. Being too general doesn’t convince anyone that your product is right for them.

By focusing on a niche marketing strategy, you are entering a domain where competition is less fierce; focusing in on somewhere that building brand loyalty is more organic.

With niche audiences you can focus in on shared values and beliefs, and talk to them like they are a close friend. It’s easier to show them how your product provides value, making your marketing much more persuasive.

Let’s take a look at how niche audiences can help you create a sustainable brand.

Gaining The Perspective Of Your Niche

When it comes to selling, knowing specific pain points of your audience means you can communicate exactly how your product solves their problem.

By targeting a smaller audience group, you can create sales messaging that is specific to them, and more likely to entice a purchase.

To do this, you need to get into their mindset and really understand their wants and needs. What meme makes them chuckle? What video makes their heart warm? What topics make their ears perk up?

Focusing on the masses makes your marketing feel obtrusive, as the messaging is too generic. Gain your niche’s perspective and start conversations that they want to engage with.

Build Followers And Create a Brand Community

Catering to a niche audience enables you to nurture a community and create a brand that’s trusted and admired.

Talking to a shared belief system shows that you care, helping you develop a long-term relationship. Brand community breeds brand loyalty and increases your customer lifecycle value.

Customer lifecycle value how much money a person will give your brand throughout their entire time as a paying customer.

A brand community is built by adding value to your audience post-purchase, so think about how you can foster a sense of community with the content you create and the things your brand talks about.

Niche audiences feel heard. They feel understood. Your community gives them a place they feel like they belong, and they will repay you by sticking with you.

Content That Speaks To Individuals

Targeting a smaller audience means you can create laser-focused content guaranteed to wet your niche’s appetite.

While this is great for converting customers now, your niche content can turn Evergreen; as more people are introduced to your market, they will be searching for answers and find your content. You can provide value to new audiences with old content.

Evergreen Content: content that remains relevant regardless of the season or the time-frame, just like trees that never lose their leaves.
In terms of value, it is content that never loses a residual level of traffic.

From a more specific point of view, optimise your content to rank for specific keywords, and over time your website will rank higher for these targeted keywords, meaning you will see an increase of traffic to your website. High-quality content – that is audience specific – means reaping the benefits of content for long periods after it’s been published.

Offer value by providing content your niche loves to see; engage with them in a way they appreciate and make your marketing output valuable to them and all future customers.

Mass Marketing is dead, niche marketing rules.

Tailoring your brand and sales message to a specific niche can seem daunting at first, but it will lead to a compounding payoff in the long-term.

Niche content is the new mass marketing. We see this everyday in our own behaviours; we love to skip YouTube advertisement that don’t seem relevant, or swipe left on sponsored stories on Instagram that don’t connect with us.

We all look for products that solve our specific problems, and talk to our specific needs, and we need to be advertised to in this way.

Start customising your brand message to your niche audience, and become a brand it’s easy for them to care about.

Takeaway Questions

Who is your niche audience? What are characteristics of their profile?
For an article on finding your target audience, click here.

Are you tailoring your marketing message to speak to their pain points?
For an article on customer-first marketing strategy, click here.

Could you be creating content that is more specific to a niche audience?

If you’d like some help with your brand strategy, book a free Ideal Customer Profile session with me by clicking this link.




Brand Voice Specialist. Amateur Ethnographer. Curious blogger. Check out my website at davidcowancreates.com, or say hi at david@davidcowancreates.com

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David Cowan

David Cowan

Brand Voice Specialist. Amateur Ethnographer. Curious blogger. Check out my website at davidcowancreates.com, or say hi at david@davidcowancreates.com

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